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All products are hand-made fresh by Jennifer Lawson, aka ‘Mother Gaia’ Certified by the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy in Boulder and Bachelors of Science in Integrative Therapies from MSU Denver.


Natural ingredients in every product.
 All of these products are carefully hand-made of 100% natural, raw or carefully extracted, and responsibly sourced ingredients with no preservatives, chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or additives.  

The beeswax used in these products has been acquired from local Colorado Beekeepers. Packaging and supplies are often recycled, raw, or unprocessed to provide the most natural products at very low prices.


Mother Gaia’s Labels are water and oil proof and printed on site to 

save you money and prevent label damage or loss. 

Containers and packaging are purchased in bulk and clearance discounts to help  reduce your costs.


All products contain no preservatives and have shorter shelf-lives because of this. Storing in a cool and dark place prevents oxidization  and degradation and prolongs freshness.

Every order is shipped with a free 'thank you' gift. 

All orders placed in Colorado are free of shipping costs.

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 “I just love the hand sanitizer. It’s like having an anti-depressant and an immune booster together in one bottle.”

-Sarah S.

“The allergy drops have stopped my allergies in their tracks. I don’t even use my allergy medicine anymore!”

-Gloria H.


“Since using the lavender nerve support I have had less diabetic neuropathy pain. No more tingling in my toes! Thank you Mother Gaia!”

-Judy W.

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